Three dimensional Kinematic Analysis of Sweep Shot in Ice Hockey

아이스하키 스위프 샷(Sweep shot) 동작의 3차원 운동학적 분석

  • Published : 2006.12.30


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relations between the segments of the body, the three dimensional anatomical angle according to sweep shot in ice hockey. The subjects of this study were five professional ice hockey players. The reflective makers were attached on anatomical boundary line of body. For the movement analysis three dimensional cinematographical method(APAS) was used and for the calculation of the kinematic variables a self developed program was used with the LabVIEW 6.1 graphical programming(Johnson, 1999) program. By using Eular's equations the three dimensional anatomical Cardan angles of the joint and ice hockey stick were defined. 1. In three dimensional linear velocity of blade the Y axis showed maximum linear velocity almost impact, the X axis(horizontal direction) and the Z axis(vertical direction) maximum linear velocity of blade did not show at impact but after impact this will resulted influence upon hitting puck. 2. The resultant linear velocity of each segment of right arm showed maximum resultant linear velocity at impact. It could be suggest that the right arm swing patterns is kind of push-like movement. therefore the upper arm is the most important role in the right arm swing. 3. The three dimensional anatomical angular displacement of trunk in flexion-extension showed flexion all around the wrist shot. The angular displacement of trunk in internal-external rotation showed internal rotation angle at the backswing top and and increased the angle after the impact. while there is no significant adduction-abduction. 4. The three dimensional anatomical angular displacement of trunk showed most important role in wrist shot. and is follwed by shoulder joints, in addition the movement of elbow/wrist joints showed least to the shot. this study result showed upperlimb of left is more important role than upperlimb of right.



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