A Kinematics Analysis of Back Armstand 2 Somersault in Platform Dives a Case Study

플랫폼 다이빙 624C동작의 운동학적 사례분석

  • Published : 2006.12.30


A platform diving with categorizing 624C motion was video taped and 3D kinematic variables were analyzed. This motion is consist of 3 parts from the headstand position to the act of turning after take-off. The results indicated that it took a very short time from the moment of take-off to the act of 1/2 turning because the turning motion has already started from preparing motion even before the fingertips have parted from the ground. Also, there was barely any jumping height due to the use of upper limbs segment and there was little difference in the moving distance compared to the standing events judging from horizontal movement of 1.1m. The horizontal velocity of the center of human body was increased before take-off while the vertical velocity was decreased right after take-off and the velocity of lower limbs segment was faster than the upper limbs segment showing contrary results to the standing events. In the aspects of angular velocity, the upper limbs segment starts the turning motion when take-off by rapidly extending its angular velocity while lower limbs segment make large angular velocity even before take-off.



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