Heat Transfer Characteristics of Individual Row of Fin and Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Chang Keun-Sun (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sunmoon University) ;
  • Kweon Young-Chul (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sunmoon University) ;
  • Kim Young-Jae (Department of Chemical Engineering, Sunmoon University) ;
  • Jeong Ji-Hwan (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


Heat transfer performances of individual row of two-row fin and tube heat exchangers are experimentally investigated. Tested are four heat exchangers which are geometrically identical with the exception of fin shape, slit or louver, and that the fins between the first row and the second row are connected or separated. The tube diameter and fin spacing of the heat exchangers examined are 7mm and 1.4mm, respectively. All thermal fluid measurements are made using a psychrometric calorimeter. In order to evaluate air-side heat transfer coefficients of individual rows, tube-side water flow rates of individual rows are independently controlled such that the water-side temperature drops in each row remain at $5^{\circ}C$. Frontal air velocity varies in the range from 0.7m/s to 2.5m/s. Heat transfer coefficients are presented in terms of Colburn ${\jmath}-factor$. The results show that the heat transfer coefficient of the upstream row is larger than that for the downstream row at low Reynolds numbers.



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