Knitting Plan of Silver Knitted Fabrics for Providing Multi-Functional Properties (Part I) -Studies on the Mechanical Properties and Hand of Silver Knitted Fabrics for Summer-

복합기능성을 부여하기 위한 은 니트 소재의 설계 (제1보) -여름용 은 니트 소재의 역학적 특성 및 태에 관한 연구-

  • Kwon Young-Ah (Dept. of Fashion Design & Industry, Silla University) ;
  • Park Jong-Sik (Dept. of Fashion Design & Industry, Silla University)
  • 권영아 (신라대학교 패션산업학부) ;
  • 박종식 (신라대학교 패션산업학부)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


In this study, the difference in the mechanical properties of silver and cotton weft knitted fabrics was studied. Six silver fabrics for the summer ladies' knit outwear were knitted varying knit structure and fabric density. Two commercial cotton knitted fabrics were selected to compare the properties. subjective sensation of hand of the fabrics was also studied. Mechanical properties of the fabric samples were measured by KES-FB system. From these, primary hand values(HV) were evaluated by the conversion equation (KW-403-KTU) and the total hand value(THV) was carried out according to the KW-304 Summer. The result of the research show that silver weft knitted fabrics had lower LT, RT, G, 2HG and higher EM, W, LC, WC, RC than cotton weft knitted fabrics. The use of silver yam contributed to increase in surface roughness of knitted fabrics. As the silver knitted fabrics became thicker compressional energy increased. The use of silver yarns contributed to much better fabric handle compared with the use of cotton yam only. It appeared that coefficient of friction of tuck stitch was larger than that of plain and interlock stitch. KOSHI and FUKURAMI values of the tuck samples were significantly higher than those values of the plain and interlock samples, while SHARI values were low in general. The total hand value of tuck stitch was higher than those of interlock and plain stitch.



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