Acoustic Features of Phonatory Offset-Onset in the Connected Speech between a Female Stutterer and Non-Stutterers

연속구어 내 발성 종결-개시의 음향학적 특징 - 말더듬 화자와 비말더듬 화자 비교 -

  • 한지연 (대구대학교 언어치료학과) ;
  • 이옥분 (한림대학교 언어청각학부)
  • Published : 2006.06.30


The purpose of this paper was to examine acoustical characteristics of phonatory offset-onset mechanism in the connected speech of female adults with stuttering and normal nonfluency. The phonatory offset-onset mechanism refers to the laryngeal articulatory gestures. Those gestures are required to mark word boundaries in phonetic contexts of the connected speech. This mechanism included 7 patterns based on the speech spectrogram. This study showed the acoustic features in the connected speech in the production of female adults with stuttering (n=1) and normal nonfluency (n=3). Speech tokens in V_V, V_H, and V_S contexts were selected for the analysis. Speech samples were recorded by Sound Forge, and the spectrographic analysis was conducted using Praat. Results revealed a stuttering (with a type of block) female exhibited more laryngealization gestures in the V_V context. Laryngealization gesture was more characterized by a complete glottal stop or glottal fry both in V_H and in V_S contexts. The results were discussed from theoretical and clinical perspectives.