A Study of Ground Reaction Forces During Professional Golfer's Swing with Different Golf Clubs

클럽별 골프 스윙 시 지면 반력 변화에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.06.30


The purpose of this study was to analysis golf swing in accordance with each club using ground reaction force data. The subject of this study was current professional golf players in Korea. Golf clubs used for this study were driver, iron4, iron7, and pitching. The ground reaction force for left and right foot was collected by one Kistler and one Bertec force platforms. Also collected visual data by NC high speed camera to check the phase which was composed of address, top of backswing, impact and finish. Sampling rate was 600Hz both ground reaction forces data and visual data. The conclusion are as follows. 1. An aspect of change for ground reaction force was that the weight between the left foot and right foot were contrary to each other in general as the phase. 2. Without regard to the type of golf club, the ratio of necessary ground reaction forces for each phase in accordance with address, top of backswing, impact, and finish was comparatively identical. 3. According to the type of golf club, the tendency of Fy was not varied. In terms of Driver, at the moment of impact, the weight of foot-both right and left-was moved to the movement direction of golf because of the rotation force from swing.



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