Competitive Solvent Extractions of Alkaline Earth Metal Cations by Crown Ether Phosphonic Acid Monoethyl Esters

크라운에테르 포스포닉산 모노에틸 에스테르에 의한 알칼리 토금속 양이온의 경쟁 용매추출

  • Chung, Yeong-Jin (School of Fire & Disaster Prevention, Samcheok National University)
  • Published : 2005.03.31


Competitive solvent extraction of alkaline earth metal cations from water into organic solvent containing the carboxylic acid crown ether and analogous crown ether phosphonic acid monoethyl esters were investigated. sym-(n-Decyldibenzo)-16-crown-5xyacetic acid $\underline{1}$ and monoethyl sym-(n-decyldibenzo)-16-crown-5-oxymethylphosphonic acid $\underline{3}$ are structurally identical except for the ionizable groups. Both of them provide similar extraction behavior in terms of efficiency and selectivity, but monoethyl sym-(n-decyldibenzo)-16-crown-5-oxymethylphosphonic acid $\underline{3}$ showed higher alkaline earth metals loadings at acidic or neutral media. Monoethylsym-(n-octyldibenzo)-16-rown-5-oxymethylphosphonic acid $\underline{2}$ showed better selectivity and alkaline earth metals loading than did the analogous sym-(n-octyldibenzo)-16-crown-5-oxymethyldiphosphonic acid $\underline{6}$.



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