The development of teaching material for stow learners in mathematics and the analysis of its effect

수학학습부진아 지도를 위한 도움자료의 개발과 효과 분석

  • Published : 2005.11.01


The purposes of this study were to develop an effective teaching material for slow learners in mathematics and to investigate its effect. To achieve the first goal, several pre-used teaching material and the 7th national curriculum for elementary school mathematics were analyzed to set up a framework fur developing new teaching material. Using these developed framework and curriculum data, 370 units of lesson were developed from the 3rd grade to the 6th grade. To investigate the effect of the material, 3 slow learners (2 from the 5th and 1 from the 6th grade) were selected through diagnostic tests. Then supplementary lessons were administered after school to relieve their disability accordingly for seven months. During the lessons(lasted about 40 minutes), teacher observed the subjects in detail and .judged the teaming sequence and the learning pace. Through this observation and the test administered after the treatment, several conclusions were drawn as follow: First, the supplementary lessons using the developed teaching material helped slow learners understand mathematics and solve problems. Especially, the test scores gained on formative evaluation became higher. This might be caused by the material that enabled to relieve the disablement and the teaching method that aimed to give a meaningful mathematical experience. Second, the supplementary lessons affected positively to the affective domain of the slow learners. They convinced themselves to their mathematical ability and became active in their mathematics class. This was observed by researcher and the class teacher in their lessons. Positive attitude toward mathematics and their ability is quite important for mathematics learning especially fur slow learners in mathematics.