VOT and Its Effect on the Syllable Duration in Busan Korean

  • Published : 2005.09.01


Two identical experiments are conducted at a six month interval in order to examine the VOT and its effect on the whole syllable duration or the rest portion of the syllable in Busan Korean. Just like the general characteristics of VOT, the aspirated stops consistently exhibit the longest VOT while tense stops have the shortest VOT. However, alveolar stops exhibit shorter VOT than labial stops, and it is contrary to the previous studies which claim that VOT values of labial stops are shorter than VOT values of alveolar stops. Moreover, there is a relationship between VOT and syllable/VC duration across stops. While VOT and syllable/VC duration have symmetric relationship for the aspirated velar and bilabial stops, other lax and tense stops exhibit the inverse relationship between the VOT and syllable/VC duration.