A Study on the Perception of Syllable Structure on Korean and Chinese in Korean-Chinese and Chinese Students

조선족과 한족 대학생의 중국어, 한국어의 음절구조 지각에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2005.06.01


This study was analyzed the syllable structure of Korean and Chinese using subjective sound similarity judgement tasks with both Korean-chinese and Chinese students in Shenyang, China. 86 college students were administered with the tasks which lasted about 20 min. in a small group setting. Both Korean-chinese and Chinese students showed the sensitivity for the CV sub-syllabic unit and the CV+C was the building block for phonetic representation for both languages. This syllabic similarity of Korean and Chinese may be a help for Korean-chinese to become horizontal bilinguals. Further studies are needed to specify the mechanism that will explain the syllabic perception of CV+C in both Korean and Chinese which was different from that of C+VC structure dominance in English.