Word Sense Distinction of Middle Verbs for Korean Verb Wordnet

한국어 동사의 어휘의미망 구축을 위한 중립동사의 의미분할

  • Published : 2005.12.01


This study aims to discuss the word sense distinction of Korean middle verbs for restructuring KorLexVerb 1.0. Despite the duality of its meaning and syntactic structure, the word senses of middle verb are not clearly distinguished in current dictionaries. The underspecification causes very often mismatches that a same Korean word sense is used for two different English verb senses. A close examination on the syntactic and semantic properties of middle verb shows us that the word sense distinction and the reconstruction of hierarchical structure are indispensable. Finally, by doing this fine grained word sense distinction, we propose an alternative way of classification and description of the verb polysemy for KorLexVerb 1.0 as well as for dictionary-like language resources.