SPIHT Image Compression Using Biorthogonal Multiwavelets on [-1,1]

  • Yoo Sang-Wook (Dept. of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Pusan University of Foreign Studies) ;
  • Kwon Seong-Geun (R&D Group, Mobile Communication Division, Samsung Electronics Co.) ;
  • Kwon Ki-Ryong (Dept. of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Pusan University)
  • Published : 2005.06.01


This paper presents a SPIHT image compression method using biorthogonal multi wavelets on [-1,1]. A family of biorthogonal scaling vectors is constructed using fractal interpolation function, and the associated biorthogonal multi wavelets are constructed. This paper uses biorthogonal multi wavelets to be supported in [-1,1] associated with biorthogonal scaling vectors to be supported in [-1,1]. The scaling vectors and wavelets remain biorthogonal when restricted to integer intervals, making them well suited for bounded domains. The experiment results of simulation of the proposed image compression using biorthogonal multiwavelets on [-1,1] based on SPIHT were found to be excellent PSNR for LENA and PEPPERS images except for BABOON image than already existing single wavelets and DGHM multi wavelets.