Activated Carbon-Photocatalytic Hybrid System for the Treatment of the VOC in the Exhaust Gas from Painting Process

도장공정 배기가스 내 VOC 처리를 위한 활성탄-광촉매 복합시스템

  • Published : 2005.06.01


An activated carbon-photo catalysis hybrid system is proposed for the treatment of VOC produced from paint booth. and its VOC removal performance is experimentally evaluated. Activated carbon tower is designed on the basis of the adsorption characteristics of toluene. Photocatalytic system is designed as the series of $TiO_2/SiO\_2$ fluidized bed reactor and $TiO_2$-coated filters. The present activated carbon-photo catalysis hybrid system shows the VOC removal efficiency within $75\~100\%$ under different VOC species and concentrations.

도장공정에서 발생하는 VOC의 처리를 위한 활성탄-광촉매 복합시스템을 제안하였고, VOC제거성능을 실험적으로 평가하였다. 활성탄 합은 톨루엔 흡착특성에 근거하여 설계하였고, 광촉매 시스템은 $TiO_2/SiO_2$ 유동층 반응기와 $TiO_2$코팅된 필터의 연계시스템으로 설계하였다. 본 활성탄-광촉매 복합시스템은 서로 다른 VOC 화학종 및 농도에 따라 $75\~100\%$에 이르는 VOC제거효율을 보여주었다.



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