Directions of Military Structure Improvement Preparing for Future Warfare

미래전쟁에 대비한 군 구조 개선방향

  • 김용현 (종군교 장교훈육대.대전대학교 군사연구원)
  • Published : 2004.12.15


Development of science technology, computer network and software technology has not only changed various areas of the society, but also brought rapid change in the condition and the way of performing war. Historical lessons learned from the war in Iraq tells that military capabilities corresponding to the new paradigms of war needs to be assured in order to preserve national interest and take victory in future warfare. Thus, the performance in the latest war in Iraq, the estimated performance in future war and the performance of war in the Korean Peninsula has been put together and analyzed to indicate the direction our force should be built and the structure to be improved. Under all circumstances and threats the military must defend our nation and territory. When war breaks out the military must perform it's basic duty to end war by decisive operations. As the saying is "To preserve peace, prepare for war," continuous increase of military strength and improvement of military structure corresponding to the change of national security environment and weapon system is necessary.