Nutrition Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Prevention of Childhood Obesity in Parents of Preschool Children in Chengdu, China

  • Guo Zeng (Public Health School, SiChuan University) ;
  • Li Rui (Public Health School, SiChuan University) ;
  • Jiguo Zhang (Public Health School, SiChuan University) ;
  • Guangli Liu (Public Health School, SiChuan University) ;
  • Danqi Xu (Public Health School, SiChuan University)
  • Published : 2004.12.01


Parents play an important role in the development of their children's nutritional knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP). This study was conducted to investigate and assess the nutrition KAP status related to prevention of childhood obesity for parents of preschool children. 1828 subjects were selected cluster-randomly from 6 kindergartens in the urban of Chengdu, China and were surveyed by questionnaire. The results showed that the rate above $80\%$ of total score were $64.3\%(K),\;89.6\%(A),\;19.5\%(P)$ respectively. The nutrition KAP score of subjects was influenced by their education, gender and age. K, A and P scores were positively correlated with each other. The most expected approach obtained nutritional information for subjects was from newspaper, magazines, lectures and TV. It is concluded that the parents of preschool children in Chengdu indicated the limited nutrition knowledge, imperfect nutrition practice and better nutrition attitude. It is suggested that more nutritional education programs on childhood obesity prevention should be given mainly by newspapers, magazines and lectures in this population.



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