Notion of descended reference about 『Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)』

『소아약증직결(小兒藥證直訣)』 전본(傳本)에 대한 소고(小考)

  • 백유상 (경희대학교 한의과대학 원전학교실)
  • Published : 2004.08.31


The four precious results are beard below after thorough study of Jeoneul(錢乙)'s descended piece and main citation reference from Song(宋) era. 1. Jeoneul(錢乙)'s historical period seems that he finished his life in the age of 82, from Cheonseong(天聖) 10years(Year 1032) to Jeonghwa(政和) 3years(Year 1113) in North Song(北宋) era. However, it also seems that his life terminated Seonhwa(宣和)元年in 1119. The title of "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)" was reflected in "Sagojeonseo(四庫全書)" as "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)", however according to various of previous descended references and citations indicate that "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)" is more appropriate than "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)". Furthermore, the name, Yeomhyochung(閻孝忠), who edited the reference "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)" was appeared as Yeomgyechung(閻孝忠) in many different old references. Thus, even though, Sagogoan(四庫館) and Juhakhae(周學海) looked as Yeomgyechung(閻孝忠), but it seems Yeomhyochung(閻孝忠) in "Songsa(宋史)" Yemunji(藝文志) is more authentic than others. 2. When first edition of "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)" was published, Yeomhyochung(閻孝忠)'s the first book of "Yeomssisoabangnon(閻氏小兒方論)" and the first chapter of Yugi's "Jeonjungyangjeon(錢仲陽傳)" were attached in one book. Not long after of the first edition, Donggeup(董汲)'s first book of "Soabanjinbigeupbangnon(小兒斑疹備急方論)" and Jeoneul(錢乙)'s additional attachment was added in prescription reference. Among these references which were published in Song era, the original copy which Jinsegeol(陳世傑) published in Chung era in Ganghi(康熙) 58years (Year 1719) was remained and the first edition that Yangsugyeong(楊守敬) collected in Japan was published in "(lbonbangseoji(日本訪書志)" called Seonhwabon(宣和本). 3. Ungjonglip(熊宗立)'s "LyujeungjuseokJeonssisoabanggyeol(類證注釋錢氏小兒方訣)", Seolgi(薛己)'s "Gyojeongjeonssisoayakjeungjikgyeol(校正錢氏小兒藥證直訣)" Muyeongjeon-Chuijinbon(武英殿聚珍本) were followed Yangsugyeong(楊守敬)'s called Seonhwabon(宣和本) theory, in addition Yubang(劉昉)'s "Yuyusinseo(幼幼新書)" and "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)" quoted from Chosun "Euibangyuchui(醫方類聚)" also followed Yangsugyeong(楊守敬)'s called Seonhwabon(宣和本) theory. On the other hand, Jinsegeol(陳世傑)'s Gisudangbon(起秀堂本) and reprinted Juhakhaebon(周學海本) belong to parts of Songbokganbon(宋復刊本). 4. In major references and citation materials descended from "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)", Yubang(劉昉)'s "Yuyusinseo(幼幼新書)" and "Soauisaengchongaminonbang(小兒衛生總微論方)" were cited in Song era and some related parts in "Yeongnakdaejeon(永樂大典)", "Soayakjeungjikgyeol(小兒藥證直訣)" related sections, Ungjonglip(熊宗立)'s reedited and annotated part of "Lyujeungjuseokjeonssisoabanggyeol(類證注釋錢氏小兒方訣)", Seolgi(薛己)'s proof reading and annotated "Gyojujeonssisoayakjeungjingyeol(校注錢氏小兒藥證直訣)", "Euibangyuchui(醫方類聚)"'s quotation. In Chung(淸)era, Jinsegeol(陳世傑)'s re-published reference, Gisudangbon(起秀堂本), which was simply printed in Song and proof read and republished Juhakhaebon(周學海本), Muyeongjeonchuijinbon(武英殿聚珍本) compiled from "Yeongnakdaejeon(永樂大典)", Yangsugyeong(楊守敬)'s "Jeonssisoayakjeungjikgyeol(錢氏小兒藥證直訣)" mentioned in "Ilbonbangseoji(日本訪書志)", Jangsui's annotation, "Soayakjeungjikgyeoljeonjeong(小兒藥證直訣箋正)" and Simgeumo(沈金鰲)'s "Yuguaseokmi(幼科釋謎)" which was applied Jeoneul(錢乙)'s theory and prescription.