Applying Moire Interference Patterns to Clothing Design through Gratings

격자 무아레(Moire) 무늬를 활용한 의상 디자인

  • 김병미 (공주대학교 의류상품학과) ;
  • 육근철 (공주대학교 물리교육학과) ;
  • 임우경 (공주대학교 대학원 가정교육)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


These days are referred to as 'the times of textile fashion,' owing to the emphasis on textile design in the fashion industry. Accordingly, apparel companies have increased their interests in developing new types of textiles to overcome the limits of style and silhouette. Now the ultra-fashion of textile, a new way of process and design development, is given much more attention. A Moire interference pattern has a longer wavy circle of interference, an effect of intensity interference, than one made by piling more than one reflecting plate or transmitting plate. Till now, Moire interference patterns have been used to confirm scientific theory and to measure the structure of a body or a subject in areas such as physics and medical science. Work has also been done on the Moire interference effects on TV screens said to cause dizziness and eye strain. This study focuses on the new types of textiles by creating the appearance of the Moire phenomena. Contrary to the present usual stationary patterns of textiles, it is a varying pattern according to the different gratings, different angles, piling gratings, and the movements of the human bodies. In the preceding study, we observed Moire fringes formed by overlapping two different or same kinds of gratings such as parallel line gratings, square gratings, conic gratings and semicircular gratings and tried to find a promising possibility of new textiles through the method of clothes design simulation.