Study on the Capillary Limitation in Copper-Water Heat Pipes with Screen Wicks

  • Park, Ki-Ho (Waste Heat Research Center, Korea Institute of Energy Research) ;
  • Lee, Ki-Woo (Waste Heat Research Center, Korea Institute of Energy Research) ;
  • Noh, Seung-Yong (Waste Heat Research Center, Korea Institute of Energy Research) ;
  • Rhi, Seok-Ho (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chungbuk University) ;
  • Yoo, Seong-Yeon (Department of Mechanical Design Engineering, Chungnam University)
  • 발행 : 2004.03.01


This paper is to study the heat transfer performance of the copper-water heat pipe with screen wicks. Recently, the semiconductor capacity of an electronic unit becomes larger, but its size becomes much smaller. As a result, a high- performance cooling system is needed. Experimental variables are inclination angles, temperatures of cooling waters and the mesh number of screen wicks. The distilled water was used as a working fluid. Based on the experimental results, when the copper-water heat pipe of 6mm diameter is used at the top heat mode, the heat transfer performance of 100 mesh 2 layers heat pipe is better than that of 150 and 200 mesh. The thermal resistance of the two layers with the 100-mesh screen was 0.7-$0.8^{\circ}C$/W.



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