A Study of Hair Loss Prevention and Hair Growth Promotion by Korean Traditional Fomular

한약재 배합에 따른 탈모 방지 및 발모 촉진에 관한 연구

Kim Mu-Young;An Bong-Jeun

  • Published : 20040000


Objectives: This study was conducted to examine the effect of herb extract on hair loss prevention and hair growth promotion. Methods : Four baldheaded men and two partly baldheaded women were selected as the subjects of this studv After they took the herb medicine and sprayed the herb extractant, the change of hair and scalp condition, hair roots, the number of hairs, and thickness of hairs was examined. Results : It appeared that the amount of hair loss decreased gradually and new thin hairs were generated after receiving the treatment. Before the treatment, the average number of hairs in was approximately 44, which was below one third of that of normal people who had about 150 hairs in the $1cm^2$. After spraying and taking the herb extract for three months, the average number of hairs increased to 57, and it increased to 88 after another three months. It gradually improved and finally maintained healthy condition. Accor야ng to their response, they felt confident in personal relations due to hair generation and growth. They were also concerned about beauty more than before. More than half of them were satisfied with the treatment. Conclusion : As herb extracts have being developed as various products such as medicine, perfume, cosmetics, and dyes, the herb extract which was used in this study can be applied to maintenance of healthy scalp, generation of hair, and active materials for beauty.



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