Effects of a Parent-Involvement Sex Education Program for High Primary-School Graders

초등학교 고학년을 위한 부모참여 성교육 프로그램 효과

  • Published : 2004.03.01


The study tried to develop a parent-involvement sex education program and find out its effects for more effective sex education methods for high graders of a primary school. The subjects were recruited from 5 classes of 6th graders in Y Primary School in N city, Kyeonggido province, South Korea. Data collection was done from October 4, 2003 to November 7. The experimental group consisted of 43 students from 3 classes with the help from class teachers and parents' involvement in the program. The control group consisted of 43 students randomly sampled by computer from the other two classes. For the experimental methods, the experimental group was given a parent-involvement sex education program as well as a student sex education program: the control group only received the student sex education program. The results were analyzed according to frequency, percentage, $x^2$-test, fisher's exact test and t-test using SAS program. As a result of the homogeneity test, both the groups proved to be the same (t=-0.29 p=0.77, t=0.49 p=0.62) in preliminary sex-attitude and sex-related communication frequency score. But the two group showed meaningful differences (t=2.52 p=0.01, t=2.04, p=0.04) in preliminary sex-knowledge and sex-related communication quality score. After the sex education programs, the two groups didn't show meaningful statistic differences(t=-0.42 p=0.68, t=1.57 p=0.12) in preliminary sex-knowledge and sex-related communication quality score. But the experimental group was statistically more meaningful (t=2.16 p=0.03, t=4.86 p<0.0001) in the difference of sex attitude and sex-related communication frequency than the control. The parent-involvement sex education program developed in this study was more effective for improving their sex attitude and for increasing the frequency of their sex-related communication with parents than the existing student program. Therefore, for sex education, it's necessary to develop and spread various programs where parents can be involved.