Syntheses New Crown Ethers Containing Luminescent Coumarin Group(II)

Coumarin을 포함하는 새로운 형광 크라운 에테르의 합성(II)

  • Received : 2003.01.18
  • Accepted : 2003.05.25
  • Published : 2003.05.31


We report herein synthetic results obtained new types of crown ethers containing coumarin group. Crown ethers containing coumarin group 1~3 are hydroxymethyl-15-crown-5-ether linked with 4-hydroxy coumarin-4-acetic acid by esterification reaction. Crown ethers containing coumarin group 1~3 have different cavity in each crown ether rings. The 12-crown-4 ether with coumarin 1 has the smallest cavity size. The 15-crown-5 ether with coumarine 2 has the medium cavity size. The 18-crown-6 ether with coumarin 3 has the largest cavity size. Therefore each crown ether with coumarin group will recognize different ionic radius meta. Because of different hole size in crown ethers, these crown ethers seem to be had different selectivity in luminescent sensors. The crown ethers with coumarine 1~3 synthesized hydroxymethyl-15-crown-5-ether and 4-hydroxy coumarin-4-acetic acid same ratio at one to one. The synthesized crown ethers were characterized respectively by IR, NMR. GC-Mass.



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