Restoration and Conservation Treatment about North monk-stupa.East monkstupa in Yeongoksa

연곡사 북부도.동부도 긴급보존처리 및 원형복원

  • Published : 2002.12.20


North monk-stupa and East monk-stupa , which are placed in Yeongoksa, are delicately sculptured and historically valued so they have been determined as National Treasures. It is assumed that North monk-stupa was made in early Goryeo Dynasty period. Parts of it were damaged by grave robbery in 2001. So restoration was begun in 2001. While restoring it, wrong arrangement on top of the monkstupa was rearranged. Top of East monk-stupa was also arranged in a wrong way so it was restored to its original form. Because each part of top of the monk-stupa was adhered with epoxy resin, it was separated by using thin saw. After being arranged in right order, the middle of monk-stupa was fixed by setting up stainless steel shaft. Anda of North monk-stupa, concerned about being damaged by crack, was adhered with epoxy resin.