A study on removing of pollutants on the 10-storied-pagoda in the temple of Kyoungchunsa-To focus on elimination of contaminants used by the laser for the 10 storied-pagoda in the temple of Kyoungchunsa

경천사10층석탑 오염물 제거 방안 연구-레이저를 이용한 오염물의 제거 방안 중심으로

  • Kim, Jin-Hyung (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage) ;
  • Kim, Sa-Dug (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage) ;
  • Kang, Dai-Ill (The Korean National University of Cultural Heritage) ;
  • Aoki Shigeo (Department of Restoration Technique, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo)
  • Published : 2002.12.20


It has been proved that pollutants stuck on the surface of stone architecture have significant direct and indirect harmful effects on them. Among them some do not look evidently harmful, but they have potentials to ruin stone architecture as time goes on. Since the cultural assets have magnificent meanings as historical aspects, their future states should be considered seriously as well as that of the presence. The past method to get rid of the pollutants from the surface of cultural properties has been changed a lot till the present along with scientific development of technology on this field. Existing method to eliminating pollutants are based on physical and chemical processing, which can make damages on them too. Recently cleansing using LASER has been developed in Europe and proved as effective and relatively less harmful to remove pollutants, and it has been adopted widely. After the success of the way by LASER, there are several trials to adopt the way to our cultural properties which have similar materials. Those showed satisfactory results and studies for developing the securer and more dependable ways to apply. From now on the report will show the effective ways to apply the method using LASER on to the similar materials and different materials as well and discuss about the pros and cons about the method.