Combustion and Emission Characteristics of High Calorific Industrial Waste Burned in a Small-scale Incinerator

고 발열량 산업폐기물을 처리하는 소형 소각로의 소각 및 배출 특성

  • Published : 2002.06.30


Experiments on burning process of the industrial wastes were performed on a nozzle-type grate in the industrial waste incinerator with a capacity of 160 kilograms per hour. The temporal variations of temperatures and concentrations of the exhaust gas were measured and analyzed. The synthetic leather waste with the moisture content less than 2% was used. The experimental results show that the CO concentration in the exhaust gas exceeds the limit, 600 ppm, and the gas temperature fluctuates too much when 8 kg of waste was supplied every 3 minutes, equivalent to the capacity of 160kg per hour. That is a typical burning mode of this high-calorific industrial waste. When the smaller unit waste input, 6kg per every 2 min 15 seconds was supplied, we could reduce the fluctuations of the furnace temperature and improve the exhaust emissions, especially the CO concentration.