A Mutual Reaction Between The Compilatory Course of 『Euibangyoochui』 and Other Medical Books in First Term of Chosun

『의방유취(醫方類聚)』의 편찬(編纂)과 조선전기(朝鮮前期) 의서(醫書)

  • Published : 2001.12.31


The book, "Euibangyoochui醫方類聚"(A.D. 1445) is called the treasure-house of the knowledge of medical science, due to the 50,000 prescriptions and an enormous amount of medical information that it contains. But in spite of the importance of this book, a convenient and efficient method to use the information in this book isn't developed yet and as a result the use of this book in a low state. Therefore before than anything else, there is necessity to establish the database on "Euibangyoochui". Before the establishment of database on "Euibangyoochui", there are basic works that should be preceded as follows; like the correction through investigating and comparing between the texts that are related with "Euibangyoochui", interpretation, proofread and translation to Korean of the original. And also bibliographical research on "Euibangyoochui". The compilatory course and transmissional system of the medical books in first term of Chosun(朝鮮) was able to apprehend through the bibliographical research about "Euibangyoochui". Also, many emergency medical books and books about the prevention of the infectious diseases mostly based on "Euibangyoochui" were wrote and put to practical use. And this fact, tells us that the compilation of "Euibangyoochui" was supported by the government of Chosun as means to accumulate the medical knowledge.