The Confucian background of 『Dongeuibogam』 formation

『동의보감(東醫寶鑑)』 성립의 유학적(儒學的) 배경

  • Published : 2001.12.31


Through the discussions on ascending, descending, in and out of functional activity of Ki, Nature and Life(性命) based on the correlations among essence of life, Ki and vitality, and the Heart which is the complex of heart and place of mental activity, orientation of 'Life(生命)' in "Dongeuibogam" is that heart and body are in a single construction not in two. Although "Dongeuibogam" has the characteristics of substantial discussions about prevalent inner Dan thought in those days in the medical field, it is quoted in the aspect of guiding and leading the Nature and Life(性命). As the nature of heart was developed psycological and physically, we could sense the influences of Confucian-medicine that accounted the Heart which is the place of mental activity and the Sung Confucianism trend of Chosun dynasty.