Contents Analysis of Health Unit in the Middle School Physical Education Textbook

중학교 체육교과서에 제시된 보건단원 내용 고찰

  • Published : 2001.12.31


The purpose of this research is to investigate various characteristics of the health unit presented in current physical educational curriculum and study a variety of middle school physical education textbooks in the aspect of health education. The conclusions of this research are as follow Acquiring and executing of health knowledge is important in the school health education. Thus, the contents of textbook suitable to the developmental stage of teenager and applicable to future life should be concretely presented in the physical education textbook. The standard of selecting the range of physical education contents should be regulated, and the contents appropriate to standard should be presented in the physical education textbook. We make student utilize the textbook by showing the sample the example of portfolio and self-checklist in the textbook. In the aspect of formation of textbook, scientific and systematic which is appropriate to improving the power of thinking and inquiry should be used in the textbook. In the aspect of format of textbook, application of CD-ROM or video type should be attempted, making the textbook. Moreover, the health education in the physical education textbook should be connected to not only the school health education but the health education in the unit of home and society for the purpose of successful health education.