Aerodynamic Analysis of Different Types of Singing Voices

가수 유형별 음성의 공기역학적 분석

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Sound pressure level, subglottic air pressure, vital capacity, adduction/abduction rate, and phonatory efficiency were measured in 19 opera singers, 17 Korean traditional 'Pansori' singers, and 20 non-singers; subjects' mean age was 25.9(SD=7.2) and the singers had been singing professionally for 5-10 years. One-way ANOVA and Scheff$\w'{e}$ post-hoc analysis were used to analyze aerodynamic data and to identify significant differences among groups. Sound pressure level, peak subglottic air pressure, and phonatory efficiency were found to be significantly different among three groups of the subjects. Differences in aerodynamic properties were discussed for their significance in diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders in professional singers.