Web-based Education for Practical Business English.

웹을 기초로 한 실무 영어 교육

  • Published : 2001.06.01


It is noted that although the current state of development of web-based English education (hereafter referred to as WBEE) might not meet the criteria some educators have set for themselves in the field, students certainly seem to prefer studying in a web-based and computer-assisted learning environment. This kind of demand is fueling the drive to develop more suitable variations of WBEE. In order for WBEE to work out, a teacher should be a multifunctional type of instructor handling responsibilities such as the role of scriptwriter to create text, act as technician for the sound mixing and recording, preside over online chat rooms and discussion boards, and finally, as webmaster to maintain the site and supervise all academic/ clerical work related to the course. Therefore, it is suggested that WBEE be accompanied by a small personnel to divide the labor and lessen the burden on the actual teacher. Finally, it is noted that the traditional relationship between students and teacher may no longer be sustainable since WBEE does not provide the face-to-face style of class discussion and office hours in its current form. Until the technology is fully developed to compensate for these kinds of differences, it is an immediate challenge to provide other more compelling reasons for students to participate in WBEE.