Fenton Process for Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

  • Published : 2001.12.01


We investigated the optimal experimental conditions and reaction kinetics for the decompositions of PCE, TCE, naphthalene, and chloroform using conventional Fenton oxidation process. Additionally, the influence of pH on the decompositions of PCE was also evaluated. The results indicated that the optimal pH value was around 3. The dosage of Fenton's reagent and the molar ratio of hydrogen peroxide to ferrous ion for an approximately complete decomposition was found to depend on the properties of the organic compound. Due to their unsaturated structures, the results show that PCE, TCE, and naphthalene could be all effectively decomposed by Fenton's reagent oxidation. Their unsaturated structures could be mostly destoyed within first 1-2 minutes at a low dosage with an certain molar ratio of hydrogen peroxide to ferrous ion. However the saturated compound such as chloroform was more difficult to decompose even with a relatively high dosage of Fenton's reagent.



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