Automatic Generation of a SPOT DEM: Towards Coastal Disaster Monitoring

  • Published : 2001.06.01


A DEM(digital elevation model) is generated from a SPOT panchromatic stereo-pair using automated algorithms over a 8 km$\times$10 km region around Mokpo city. The aims are to continue the accuracy assessment over diverse conditions and to examine the applicability of a SPOT DEM for coastal disaster monitoring. The accuracy is assessed with respect to three reference data sets: 10 global positioning system records, 19 leveling data, and 1:50,000 topography map. The planimetric error is 10.6m r.m.s. and the elevation erroer ranges from 12.4m to 14.4m r.m.s.. The DEM accuracy of the flat Mokpo region is consistent with that over a mountainous area, which supports the robustness of the algorithms. It was found that coordinate transformation errors are significant at a few meters when using the data from leveling and topographic maps. The error budget is greater than the requirements for coastal disaster monitoring. Exploiting that a sub-scene is used, the affine transformation improves the accuracy by 50% during the camera modeling.



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