A Study on the Environmental Load of Office Buildings in Seoul

  • 발행 : 2001.03.01


This study is to examine the emission quantity of $CO_2$ gas as the environmental load in office buildings. After the investigation of monthly consumption of each energy source(electricity and natural gas), it is analyzed that the $CO_2$ emission quantity of 34 office buildings surveyed is 22.4 kg-c/$m^2$-year, which consists of 17.5 kg-c/$m^2$-year by consurunlelectncif. and 4.9 kg-c/$m^2$-year by consuming natural gas. And the $CO_2$ emission quantity of each load in those buildings consists of 68% emitted by general electricity, 16% by cooling load and 16% by beating load. It is also proposed that the $CO_2$ emission quantity of cooling and heating load is profoundly pertinent to the variation of outdoor temperature.