Thermal Characteristics of Discrete Heat Sources Using Coolants

  • Choi, Min-Goo (School of Mechanical Engineering, Sung Kyunkwan University) ;
  • Cho, Keum-Nam (School of Mechanical Engineering, Sung Kyunkwan University)
  • 발행 : 2001.03.01


The present study investigated the effects of experimental parameters on the thermal characteristics of an in-line 6x1 array of discrete heat sources for a test multichip module using water, PF-5060 and paraffin slurry. The parameters were heat flux of 10-40W/$cm^2$. Reynolds number of 3,000~20,000 and mass fraction up to 10% for paraffin slurry The size of paraffin slurry was within 10~40$\mu$m before and after experiments. The local heat transfer coefficients for the paraffin slurry were larger than those for water. Thermally fully developed conditions were observed after the third or fourth row (five or seven times of the chip length) and the paraffin slurry showed effective cooling performance at the high heat flux The paraffin slurry with the mass fraction of 5% showed the most efficient cooling performance when the heat transfer and the pressure drop in the test section are considered simultaneously. The experimental data at the fourth and sixth rows are best agreed with the values predicted by the Malina and Sparrow`s correlation among other correlations, and the empirical correlations for water and 5% paraffin slurry were obtained at the first and sixth rows when the channel Reynolds number is over 3,000.