A Historical Review of Sorigal (Korean Phonetics) in the early 20th Century

우리말 소리갈(國語音聲學)에 대한 연구 - 주시경, 김두봉, 최현배, 이극로를 중심으로 -

  • 이숙희 (한림대학교 인문대학 국어국문학과) ;
  • 고도흥 (한림대학교 인문대학 국어국문학과)
  • Published : 2000.12.01


The purpose of this paper is to review the contribution made by some phoneticians including Si-gyung Chu, Du-bong Kim, Hyun-bae Choi, and Geuk-ro Lee in the early 20th century. It is known that the period can be characterized as the coexistence of traditional phonetics and modem phonetics. Si-gyung Chu well recognized the physical nature of speech sounds from the physiological point of view. Although Du-bong Kim adapted Chu's approach in some ways, he made some more detailed modifications in explaining the vocal organs. Hyun-bae Choi tried to explain the consonants and vowels systematically based on Western theories of phonetics. Finally, Geuk-ro Lee made the most significant contribution by introducing the experimental phonetics.