Helium Recondensing System Utilizing Cascade Roebuck Refrigerators

  • Published : 2000.11.01


This paper describes a design of the helium-recondensing system utilizing cascade Roebuck refrigerators. Superconducting generator or motor has the superconducting field wind-ing in its rotor that should be continuously cooled by cryogen. Since liquid helium transfer from the stationary system to the rotor is problematic, cumbersome, and inefficient, the novel concept of a rotating helium-recondensing system is contrived. The vaporized cold helium inside the rotor is isothermally compressed by centrifugal force and expanded sequentially in cascade refrigerators until the helium is recondensed at 4.2 K. There is no helium coupling between the rotor and the stationary liquid helium storage. Thermodynamic analysis of the cascade refrigeration system is performed to determine the key design parameters. The loss mechanisms are explained to identify entropy generation that degrades the performance of the system.