An investigation on the in si.tu measurement of the oil-concentration

  • Kim, Chang-Nyeun (Advanced Technology Research Group, Airconditioner & Refrigerator Division, Samsung electronics CO., LTD) ;
  • Park, Young-Moo (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ajou University)
  • Published : 2000.11.01


In order to predict thermodynamic performance of refrigeration system, it is required to know the oil concentration of the refrigerant/oil mixture. The current method is to extract the working mixture and then to measure the oil weight. In this study, oil concentration is measured in si.tu way without any extraction of the working fluid. Based on the measurement, a working equation is presented as follows, C=a +b x t +c x $t^2$ +(d + e x t +f x $t^2$) x SG. C is oil concentration, t is temperature($^{\circ}C). SG Is specific gravity of mixture and a~f is coefficients The oil concentration ranges over 0~l2 wt% and the temperature ranges over 20~50$^{\circ}C. The specific gravity and temperature are measured using the on-line densimeter and thermometer. This working equation enables to predict the oil concentration without any extraction of the mixture. This equation can be applied for R-12/Naphthenic oil and R-134a/P0E oil liquid mixtures.