Combustion Characteristics in Small Combustion Chamber Size about Quenching Distance

소염 거리에 근접하는 소형 연소실 환경에서의 연소특성

  • Published : 2000.12.31


Combustion phenomenon in scale-downed combustor is investigated. As the combustor scale decreases surface to volume ratio increases and chamber size approaches quenching distance. As the combustor scales down surface to volume ratio increases resulting increased heat loss. And this heat loss can affect quenching and instability of the flame. To investigate this effect plastic mini combustor is made. Stoichiometricaly premixed Hydrogen / air gas is used as fuel. Initial chamber pressure and chamber size are varied and the effects are evaluated. Peak pressure decreased with the decrease in chamber height. As initial chamber pressure decreases peak pressure decreases and this change is more important than scale down effect till the chamber height of 1mm. With this result and further information following the experiments design parameter for micro engine can be established.