The Relationship of Child Attachment and Temperament to Mother-Child Interaction during Problem Solving

문제 해결 과정에서의 어머니-유아 상호작용과 관련 변인: 애착과 기질

  • 나유미 (연세대학교 여성연구소)
  • Published : 1999.12.31


Mother-Child Interactions during Problem Solving were analyzed in relation to the child's attachment security and temperament. Subjects were fifty-three 44-to 57-month-old children and their mothers. Attachment security was assessed by Attachment Q set (Waters, 1987); mother-child interactions were observed at home, and maternal ratings of child temperament were collected by questionnaire (Chun 1993). Attachment security scores were positively related to mother's cognitive assistance and positively interactions with the child and to the child's positive affect toward mother. The child's activity perceived by mother was negatively related to mother's efficient interactions and positively to the child's "reliance on mother." The child's behavior toward the mother in the task session and the child's temperament added variance above attachment in accounting for the mother's behavior.