Opacity and Presupposition Inheritance in Belief Contexts

  • Published : 1999.12.31


This paper attempts to provide an account for the problems of intensional opacity of referring expressions and the presupposition inheritance in the belief contexts from the discourse perspective. I discuss Jaszczolt's discourse model based on DRT to account for the belief reports. Jaszczolt analyzes referring expressions in terms of the three readings(de re, de $dicto_1$ and de $dicto_2$) and attempts to represent the differences between them in the DRS's via different anchoring modes; external anchoring, formal anchoring and nonanchoring. I propose an extended model to account for the presupposition inheritance in the belief contexts and attempt to analyze the data in Korean based on this model. The differences in the PI and in the representations of DRS's which are induced by the different complement types, ${\ldots}ko(mitta)\;and\;{\ldots}kesul(mitta)$, are discussed.