A Study on Improvement of Legal System for Construction of Very Large Floating Structure

부유식 초대형 해상구조물의 건설을 위한 법제도 개선에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.12.01


In this thesis the legal systems related to real estate and sea area utilization are studied in order to improve them for construction of Very Large Floating Structure. Main research subjects are as follows: 1) Whether can Very Large Floating Structure be accepted or not as real estate like house and land\ulcorner 2) How can the sea area which is occupied by Very Large Floating Structure be utilized\ulcorner As the conclusion, the Very Large Floating Structure can be registered as real estate even though it is not specified by Korean law for the present. The design concept of Very Large Floating Structure can be interpreted as satisfying enough necessary conditions and factors for Very Large Floating Structure to become real estate. In the near future, we have to make improvement on the laws related with the construction of Very Large Floating Structures so that private sectors can joint the construction. In additions, a new law for various floating structures should be made as soon as possible.



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