The Performance Evaluation of R407C and R410B in a Residential Window Air-Conditioner

  • Kim, Man-Hoe (Living System R&D Center, Sansung Electronics Col, Ltd.) ;
  • Shin, Jeong-Seob (Living System R&D Center, Sansung Electronics Col, Ltd.) ;
  • Kim, Kwon-Jin (Living System R&D Center, Sansung Electronics Col, Ltd.)
  • Published : 1998.08.01


This study presents test results of a residential window air-conditioner using R22 and two potential alternative refrigerants, R407C and R410B. A series of performance tests has been carried out for the basic and liquid-suction heat exchange cycles in a psychometric calorimeter test facility. For R407C, the same rotary compressor was used as in the R22 system. However, compressor for the R410B system was modified to provide the similar cooling capacity. The evaporator circuit was changed to get a counter-cross flow heat exchanger to take advantage of zeotropic mixture's temperature glide, and liquid-suction heat exchange cycle was also considered to improve the system performance. Test results were compared with those for the basic R22 system. The modified system with a liquid-suction heat exchanger increased cooling capacity and energy efficiency by up to 5%.