Analysis on the Characteristics of Climate about Korean Summer Season 1998

  • Cha, Eun-Jeong (Forecast Research Laboratory, Meteorological Research Institute) ;
  • Choi, Young-Jean (Forecast Research Laboratory, Meteorological Research Institute) ;
  • Oh, Jai-Ho (Forecast Research Laboratory, Meteorological Research Institute)
  • Published : 1998.12.01


The climatic characteristics of summer in 1998 are analyzed with the weather observational data and the upper air observational data. The temperature of that period is lower than that of normal years and the precipitation is larger. Due to the heavy rainfall which started at July 31, rain pured down compared to normal years and the maximum precipitation recorded at the many observational stations, particularly in Seoul, Kyunggi-Do region and mountanious districts like Taegwallyong, Mt. Sokri and Mt. Chiri. The patterns of general circulations in 1982/98 and 1997/98 are compared each other and are analyzed. The anomaly patterns of stream functions on winter in two El Nio years are simialr. The counterclockwise circulation occurred near the date line and the clockwise circulation was appeared near the Hwanam region and Alaska. These patterns are opposite to those of La Nia year, 1988/89. And the anomaly patterns of 500hPa geopotential height in summer are similar, too. The low temperature and much rain were dominated in summer of 1997/98. These phenomena is similar to the existing results of research, that temperature is low and precipitation is large in summer of El Nio years.