Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments using Wiener Filtering

Wiener Filtering을 이용한 잡음환경에서의 음성인식

  • Published : 1997.04.01


In this paper, we present a robust recognition algorithm based on the Wiener filtering method as a research tool to develop the Korean Speech recognition system. We especially used Wiener filtering method in cepstrum-domain, because the method in frequency-domain is computationally expensive and complex. Evaluation of the effectiveness of this method has been conducted in speaker-independent isolated Korean digit recognition tasks using discrete HMM speech recognition systems. In these tasks, we used 12th order weighted cepstral as a feature vector and added computer simulated white gaussian noise of different levels to clean speech signals for recognition experiments under noisy conditions. Experimental results show that the presented algorithm can provide an improvement in recognition of as much as from $5\%\;to\;\20\%$ in comparison to spectral subtraction method.