Analyse de la structure syllabique du francais

불어의 음절구조 분석 -억양과 강세음절-

  • 이정원 (부산외국어대학교 서양어대학 불어과)
  • Published : 1997.04.01


This study aims to present some notes on the French syllabic structure based on the relation between the intonation pattern and the stressed syllable. The recent phonetico-phonological study is mainly focussed on the notion of syllable. However it is quite difficult to analyse the syllable structure because of its complexity. In this paper I have tried to analyse the French syllabic structure both in phonetics and in phonology. This paper contains three parts. First of all, in section 2, the notion of syllable and the French prosodic phenomena are reviewed phonetically, and is phonologically focused on the intonation pattern. Secondly, in section 3, I have analyzed the relation between the intonation. pattern and the stressed syllable in French based on CSL analyses. Finally, in section 4, I have suggested some syllabic structure patterns in French based on the analyses in section 3. This. is an attempt to further the inter-disciplinary study between phonetics and phonology, and also an attempt to settle on a model of phonological French syllabic structure. I have left the application of the result of this study as a future subject to study. But still, the result of this study can serve as a basic reference for those who are studying French and for students who are would like to learn about French syllabic structure.