On the Implementation of Articulatory Speech Simulator Using MRI

MRI를 이용한 조음모델시뮬레이터 구현에 관하여

  • 조철우 (창원대학교 공과대학 제어계측공학과)
  • Published : 1997.11.01


This paper describes the procedure of implementing an articulatory speech simulator, in order to model the human articulatory organs and to synthesize speech from this model after. Images required to construct the vocal tract model were obtained from MRI, they were then used to construct 2D and 3D vocal tract shapes. In this paper 3D vocal tract shapes were constructed by spatially concatenating and interpolating sectional MRI images. 2D vocal tract shapes were constructed and analyzed automatically into a digital filter model. Following this speech sounds corresponding to the model were then synthesized from the filter. All procedures in this study were using MATLAB.