Evaluation of Traffic Congestion in Channels within Harbour Limit -On Channels in Ulsan New Port Development-

항계내 항로의 해상교통 혼잡도 평가에 관하여 - 울산 신항만의 혼잡도 평가를 기준으로 -

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Whether over taking or parallel sailing of two or more vessels is allowable on marine traffic route or not, the traffic congestion due to traffic volume has to be evaluated separately. In Gaduk-sudo, overtaking or parallel sailing is so allowable that the Bumper Model is introduced to evaluated the traffic congestion. But the channels within the habour limit such as the route of Ulsan New Port are so prohibited overtaking or parallel sailing that the traffic congestion has to be evaluated by using theoretical traffic capacity or by traffic simulation. In this paper, the congestion of Southern New Port and Mipo Port was evaluated the congestion by using theoretical traffic capacity and the other area of Ulsan Port by traffic simulation. The incresed traffic volumes on Ulsan Channels according to Ulsan New Port Development in 2011 were evaluated to have no effect with the traffic congestion.