The Relations between Leisure Expenditure Leisure Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction: A path analytic approach

여가비지출이 여가만족도 및 생활만족도에 미치는영향

  • Published : 1996.09.01


The purpose of this study was to analyze a path model that investigated the relations among leisure expenditure leisure satisfaction and life satisfaction. For this purpose conceptual framework based on previous studies was suggested. The sample in this study consisted of 3,519 urban married couple living in Korea. Statistics employed for the analysis were frequencies means multiple regression and path annalysis. Empirical tests' results showed some evidence has been provided that supported the conceptual framework. In husband's model the household's leisure expenditure had vital direct effect on the husband's leisure satisfaction while it had not any effect on the husband's life satisfaction. Also in wife's model the household leisure expenditure had statistically significant direct effect on wife's life satisfaction however there was not any effect that mediated through wife's leisure satisfaction.



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