Some Dependence Structures of Multivariate Processes

  • Jong Il Baek (Department of Statistics, Won-Kwang University, Iri-City 570-749, Korea)
  • Published : 1995.04.01


In the last years there has been growing interest in concepts of positive dependence for families of random variables such that concepts are considerable us in deriving inequalities in probability and statistics. Lehman introdued various concepts of positive dependence for bivariate random variables. A much stronger notions of positive dependence were later considered by Esary, Proschan, and Walkup. Ahmed et al and Ebrahimi and Ghosh also obtained multivariate versions of various bivariate positive dependence as descrived by Lehman. See also Block al. Glaz and Johnson an Barlow and Proschan and the references there. Multivariate processes arise when instead of observing a single process we observe several processes, say $X_19t), \cdots, X_n(t)$ simultaneously. For example, in an engineering context we may want to study the simultaneous variation of current and voltage, or temperature, pressure and volume over time. In economics we may be interested in studying inflation rates and money supply, unemployment and interest rates. We could of course, study each quantity on its own and treat each as a separate univariate process. Although this would give us some information about each quantity it could never give information about the interrelationship between various quantities. This leads us to introduce some concepts of positive and for multivariate stochastic processes. The concepts of positive dependence have subsequently been extended to stochastic processes in different directions by many authors.



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