A Study on the User's Motivation and Satisfaction for Civic Garden

시민농원의 이용동기와 만족도에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1995.01.01


This study was carried out to provide behavioral data for its planning and management of civic garden through the evaluation of user's motivation & satisfaction. The civic gardens around Seoul were surveyed. The site are located in Kwangtan-myeon, Sudong-myeon, Wonsam-myeon, Nam-myeon, Buknae-myeon, and Jumdong-myeon, A total of 244 questionnaires were completed by mail questionnaires. The results are as follows: 1. 82 percentage of users are in thirties or fourties most of them have children who go to the elementary school. 50 percentage of users are just typical house wifes. 74 percentage of users graduated form university. 60 percentage of users live in lofty apartment buildings. 2. As a result from factor analysis, their motivations are categorized into four fator groups.: 'to experience nature', 'weekend recreation', 'nostalgia', 'to provide their old parent's sparetime'. And their satisfactions are categorized into eleven fator groups.: 'psychological/intellectual component', 'recreational components', 'instruction/management', 'facility'. 'vegetable cultivation', 'social contact', 'crowing', 'aesthetic component', 'family contact', 'the terms of lease', 'visition time'. 3. The user of civic garden can be divided into four user groups by their motivation. CLUSTER1 can represent the user group who have motivations for 'leisure, relaxation'. They are considerably satisfied with all other factor 'opportunity of meeting new person'. CLUSTER2 at the age of 41 to 50 have motivation for 'health, nostalgia'. CLUSTER3 at the age of 31 to 40 have motivation for 'harvest, experiencing nature'. CLUSTER4 at the age of more than 51 want to let their parents enjoy their sparetime. They are dissatisfied with accessibility, amount of cultivation area, crowding and overall farm management. 4. The regression analysis was employed with predicting the overall satisfaction. The results of regression analysis showed that 69% of total variances was explained by six variables: The most effective variable is 'whether visiting on weekend or weekdays', the visitors on weekdays are far more satisfied than weekend visitors because of traffic congestion, and crowding. The second source of satisfactions are 'psychological/intellectual components', they are satisfied with 'family contact', 'the terms of lease' and 'instruction in farming' are sources of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and finally 'aesthetic landscape' is the source of satisfaction. The second most important variable is psychological one. Even though the civic gardens were not well equipped, they liked the atmosphere of rural life, refreshness, nostalgia, satisfaction from cultivation plants, and sense of achievement.



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