Abrief study on the corrosion of bronze roofing tile

납(Pb)도금(동개와)의 부식 연구

  • Kim, Sa-Dug (Laboratory of Conservation Science, National Research Institute of Cultural Properties)
  • 김사덕 (문화재연구소 보존과학연구실)
  • Published : 1994.12.15


To protect corrosion of bronze roofing tile for Choson Royal Historic Museum, lead coating on tile was performed by electroplating method with thickness of $35\mum$. Lead coated tile samples were inverstigated what corrosion products were formed with color changes on them by testing Accelerated Weathering. No sulfides were formed on samples contacting with 300ppm sulfur dioxide and any color changes were not found. In Accelerated Weathering test, White hydrocerussite, basic lead carbonate($2PbCO_3Pb(OH)_2$) having protective structure made of compact adhering crystals.